Volume 16, January-December 2552
The importance of quality seed in agriculture
What is seed quality and how to measure it?
By Mrs. Alison Powell, Honorary Senior Lecturer, University of Aberdeen (United Kingdom)
The influence of seed quality on crop productivity
Mrs. Rita Zecchinelli, Head of ENSE Seed Testing Laboratory, Tavazzano (Italy)
The evolution of seed testing
Mr. Michael Muschick, Secretary General, ISTA
Building capacity in seed quality assurance in developing countries
Mr. Michael Larinde, Senior Agricultural Officer (Seed Production), Plant Production and Protection Division (AGP), Agriculture and Consumer Protection Department, FAO
Raising seed quality: what is in the pipeline?
Mr. Joost van der Burg, Seed scientist, Agrosystems Research, Plant Research International (Netherlands)
Maintaining capacity in seed technology and seed testing
Mr. John Hampton, Director Bio Protection and Ecology Division, Professor of Seed Technology, Lincoln University (New Zealand)
Plant variety protection
Benefits of plant variety protection
Mr. Rolf Jördens, Vice Secretary General, UPOV
Key requirements for an effective system of plant variety protection
Mr. Peter Button, Technical Director, UPOV
Experiences in Kenya
Mr. Evans Sikinyi, Head, Seed Certification and Plant Variety Protection, Kenya Plant Health Inspectorate Service (KEPHIS)
Experiences in the Republic of Korea
Mr. Chang Hyun Kim, Director General, Korea Seed & Variety Service (KSVS)
The importance of plant genetic resources for plant breeding; access and benefit sharing
The use of plant genetic resources in plant breeding
Ms. Anke van Den Hurk, Dutch Seed Trade Association Plantum (The Netherlands)
Facilitating access and ensuring benefit sharing globally: the Multilateral System of the International Treaty on PGRFA (ITPGRFA)
Ms. Cosima Hufler, Chair of the Governing Body of the ITPGRFA
Exchanging material in the daily business: the operations of the Multilateral System and the Standard Material Transfer Agreement (SMTA)
Mr. Shakeel Bhatti, Secretary of the ITPGRFA
Working with the Multilateral System: experiences of a seed company - representatives from private sector
Mr. Joep Lambalk, Director Enza Zaden R&D B.V. (The Netherlands)
Implementing the International Treaty at the national level: what is the impact on the seed sector?
Ms. Ylva Tilander, Deputy Director, Ministry of Agriculture (Sweden)
The role of plant breeding in meeting the multiple challenges of a fast-changing world
The evolution and contribution of plant breeding to global agriculture
Mr. Marcel Bruins, Secretary General, ISF
Anticipated demands and challenges to plant breeding and related technologies into the future
Mr. Marcel Busuma Kanungwe, Director, Pannar Seed Ltd. (Zambia)
Effective use of modern biotechnology and molecular breeding and associated methods as breeding tools
Mrs. Usha Barwale Zehr, Director of Research, Mahyco (India)
The opportunities presented by modern biotechnology to enhance plant breeding – what's in the pipeline?
Mr. William S. Niebur, DuPont Vice President, Crop Genetics Research & Development, Pioneer Hi Bred International, Inc., A DuPont Company (United States of America)
Building capacity for plant breeding in developing countries
Mr. Elcio Guimaraes, Senior Officer (Cereals and Crop Breeding), Crop and Grassland Service (AGPC), FAO
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