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         In 1982, “Seed Club” was established by the joint effort between the government and private sectors to serve as an official center for the coordination among various government agencies, the private sector and international organizations in the development of the country’s seed industry and quality seeds production for sufficient supply to farmers. Later, in the year 1990, Mr. Petcharat Wannapee proposed to set up the association by using the name “The Crop Seed Association of Thailand”. On 31 August 1990, “The Crop Seed Association of Thailand” was officially established and played a pivotal role on the exchange of knowledge, expertise and experience to interested persons in the seed related industry.

         On 26 November 1992, “The Crop Seed Association of Thailand” was renamed “The Seed Association of Thailand (SAT) ” as presently known, and its constitution was modified. The Executive Committee was subsequently set up in the same year with a 3-year term. Mr. Petcharat Wannapee was elected to be the first President of the Seed Association of Thailand and continued to serve
for this same position for a period of 9 years from 1992 to 2001. In 2002, the new election was undertaken with Mr. Sukasame Chitsing as the President.

         Seed Association of Thailand has worked in coordination with Asia and Pacific Seed Association (APSA) even before its establishment in 1994. At that time, the President of Seed Association of Thailand (Mr.petcharat Wannapee) convinced that APSA should have its head office in Thailand. Seed Association of Thailand has played a very important role in organizing the Asian Seed Conference for the first time in Chiang Mai in 1994, for the second time in Bangkok in 1999 and for the 10th Asian Seed Conference to be organized in Bangkok in 2003. Seed Association of Thailand is very pleased to work continuously with APSA.

         Since 2008 up to present, Associate Professed, Dr. Juangjan Duangpattra has been elected to be President for 3 periods. The total members of the Seed Association of Thailand are 544 consisting of 10 honorary members, 66 life legal person members and 468 life ordinary members.

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