July - September 51
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  The Asia & Pacific Seed Association
  Pacific Seeds (THAI) Ltd.
  Chai Tai Co., Ltd.
  Dynamic Seeds Co., Ltd.
  Fertilizer and Bioseeds Company Limited
  TSA Co., Ltd.
Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives
Office of the Permanent Secretary for Agricultural and Cooperatives
Fisheries Department
Land Development Department
Department of Agricultural Extension
Royal Irrigation Department
National Bureau of Agricultural Commodity and Food Standards (ACFS)
Agricultural Reserch Development Agency (Public Organization)
The Marketing Organization for Farmer (MOF)
Rubber Estate Organization
Laboratory Center for Food and Agricultural Products Co., Ltd, :LCFA
Cooperative Promotion Department
Office Of Agricultural Economics
Agricutural Land Reform Office
Office Of the Rubber Replanting Aid Fund
Fish Marketing Organization
Dairy Farming Promotion Organization of Thailand
  Kasetsart University
  Chiangmai University
  Konkaen University
  BIOTEC Thailand
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